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Ultimate Sleep Bundle

Ultimate Sleep Bundle

Introducing Our Ultimate Sleep Bundle! 


Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to blissful sleep with our exclusive Sleep Bundle, meticulously crafted to promote deep relaxation and tranquillity. Dive into a world of serenity and rejuvenation with our carefully curated selection of sleep essentials.


Sleepy Head Patches - Box of 18: Each patch is infused with a potent blend of natural ingredients, including Passion Flower Extract, Valerian Extract, and Ashwagandha. Passion Flower Extract is renowned for its ability to calm the mind and reduce anxiety, while Valerian Extract promotes relaxation and eases tension. Ashwagandha works wonders in combating stress and promoting restful sleep, making this trio of ingredients a powerhouse for soothing your mind and body.


Mindfulness Meditation: Immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation with our guided mindfulness meditation. Designed to help you unwind and let go of the day's worries, this meditation focuses on the rhythm of your breath, guiding you towards a state of inner peace and tranquillity. Let go of tension and embrace the stillness of the present moment as you prepare for a restful night's sleep.


Access the recording anytime, anywhere with the unique QR code provided in your package, granting you lifetime access to this transformative meditation experience. Let the soothing guidance of our meditation lead you towards a restful sleep and a renewed sense of well-being.


Self-Heating Eye Mask: Drift into a state of pure relaxation with our luxurious self-heating eye mask. Infused with lavender, this mask releases a gentle, soothing warmth that melts away tension and induces a sense of calm. As the comforting warmth envelops you, feel the stresses of the day melt away, paving the way for a deep and restorative sleep.


Indulge in the ultimate sleep experience and awaken feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day. Transform your bedtime routine into a sanctuary of tranquillity with our Sleep Bundle—it's time to experience the beauty of blissful sleep. 


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