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The Blissful Trio Full

The Blissful Trio Full

Unlock the Power of Holistic Wellness with our The Blissful Trio Patch Bundle.


Experience the ultimate synergy of natural ingredients with our exclusive The Blissful Trio Patch Bundle. This irresistible offer includes three individual packs of our renowned CBD, Sleepy Head, and Boost Me patches. Indulge in the benefits of CBD, promote restful sleep, and boost your energy levels, all in one incredible bundle. 18 Patches in each individual box giving you a total of 54 patches.


Discover the Power of Each Individual Patch:

CBD Patch (24mg CBD): Harness the potential of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound derived from high-quality hemp plants. Our CBD patch offers 24mg of pure CBD extract, working in harmony with your body's endocannabinoid system to promote relaxation, pain relief, and overall wellness.


Sleepy Head Patch (Valerian extract, Passion flower extract, Ashwagandha): Say goodbye to restless nights and embrace rejuvenating sleep with our Sleepy Head patch. This blend of Valerian extract, Passion flower extract, and Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb works together to promote tranquility, reduce anxiety, and support a deep and restful sleep.


Boost Me Patch (Ginkgo Biloba, Acetyl L Carnitine, Bacopa Moniera, Magnesium L Threonate, Camellia Sinensis): Elevate your energy levels and sharpen your focus with our Boost Me patch. This invigorating blend of Ginkgo Biloba, Acetyl L Carnitine, Bacopa Moniera, Magnesium L Threonate, and Camellia Sinensis enhances cognitive function, boosts mood, and provides sustained mental clarity throughout the day.


Why Choose the The Blissful Trio Patch Bundle:

Complete Holistic Support: By combining the CBD, Sleepy Head, and Boost Me patches, our bundle offers comprehensive support for your overall well-being. Each patch targets specific areas of health, ensuring a holistic approach to wellness.


Synergistic Ingredient Combinations: Our patches' unique ingredient blends complement one another perfectly. CBD promotes relaxation, Sleepy Head induces restful sleep, and Boost Me enhances energy and focus. Together, they create a harmonious wellness experience that addresses various aspects of your life.


Convenience and Value: With our bundle, you'll receive three individual packs of 18 patches, providing you with a generous supply to enjoy for an extended period. This convenient and cost-effective option saves you time and money, allowing you to experience the full benefits of our patches without interruption.


Natural and Trusted: We are dedicated to providing natural solutions for optimal well-being. Our patches contain carefully selected ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring quality, purity, and efficacy you can trust.


Unlock the transformative power of our Patch Bundle and embrace a holistic approach to wellness. Indulge in the benefits of CBD, enjoy restful sleep, and boost your energy levels with confidence and ease. Take advantage of this enticing offer today and experience the remarkable synergy of our three premium patches. Elevate your well-being and live life to the fullest.


This is not a medicine. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. For the age of 18 and over.


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