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Terms Of Service

Your Acceptance

Welcome to the Terms of Service for The Mellow Patch Company. This agreement ("Agreement") is a binding contract between The Mellow Patch Company Ltd ("Mellow Patch"), the proud owner and operator of and any affiliated websites under the Mellow Patch brand, in addition to any products or services available through these online platforms (collectively referred to as the "Site"), and you ("you," "your," or "user(s)"), a valued user of our Site.

Within the context of this Agreement, the terms "Mellow Patch," "us," "we," and "our" appropriately represent The Mellow Patch Company Ltd.

By selecting "I agree," making a purchase of our products, or accessing the Site, you signify your acceptance of this Agreement and our Privacy Policy. We retain the right to make revisions to this Agreement, with notifications provided to you in the event of such changes.

Please be aware that this Agreement includes provisions related to ARBITRATION AND CLASS ACTION. By consenting to this Agreement, you acknowledge that any claims against us must be resolved individually through arbitration, as elaborated in more detail in the "Disputes" section below. This agreement prohibits you from pursuing any class, collective, or representative actions against The Mellow Patch Company Ltd. It also restricts your involvement in, or recovery of remedies from, any current or future class, collective, or representative actions brought against us by other parties.

Information Submission

To access certain sections of The Mellow Patch Company's UK-based website, users may need to register and provide information. Your data will be collected and handled in compliance with our Privacy Policy. It is essential for all users to furnish accurate and truthful information during the registration process. In cases where we offer account registration, each user is limited to a single account. We retain the prerogative to verify all user credentials and to disapprove any user registrations as necessary.

Maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account is your sole responsibility, and you are accountable for all activities conducted under your account. In the event of any unauthorised access or security breaches, please promptly notify The Mellow Patch Company. We shall not be held liable for any losses incurred due to the use of your account or password by others, whether or not you were aware of such usage. Your diligence in safeguarding your account information is vital to ensuring its security. 


The Mellow Patch Company, based in the United Kingdom, is the exclusive proprietor and operator of the website and all associated services. This encompasses all text, data, graphics, photographs, images, audio, video, trademarks, service marks, trade names, and any other information, whether visual or digital, along with software and all other content available on the website or accessible through links from the website to pages established by The Mellow Patch Company on other online platforms (collectively, the "Mellow Patch Content"). The Mellow Patch Content represents the sole property of The Mellow Patch Company and/or its authorised licensors. All Mellow Patch Content enjoys protection under UK and international copyright, trademark, service marks, patents, trade secrets, and other pertinent proprietary rights and legal provisions. The usage of Mellow Patch Content for any purpose not explicitly sanctioned within this Agreement or not otherwise approved by The Mellow Patch Company is strictly prohibited. Any acts of copying, reproduction, performance, distribution, display, or the creation of derivative works based on Mellow Patch Content are expressly prohibited.

Medical Disclaimer

Any information or content provided by The Mellow Patch Company on the website is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as an endorsement, guarantee, or warranty of any kind. Visitors to the website should not take any actions or refrain from taking actions solely based on the information or content found on the website. It is crucial not to delay seeking treatment for any health or medical issues due to information or content provided by The Mellow Patch Company.

The Mellow Patch Company does not provide medical opinions or advice, nor does it offer formal medical diagnosis, treatment, or prescriptions. Therefore, individuals should never use the information obtained from the website for self-diagnosis or self-treatment of any health problem, or as a substitute for any medication or treatment prescribed by a qualified physician or other healthcare provider. It is essential to consult with a physician or healthcare provider for any health or medical-related questions before using any products offered by The Mellow Patch Company or relying on information provided on the website.

Before incorporating any new medications or supplements into your routine, it is advisable to discuss them with your physician or healthcare provider, particularly if you are currently taking any medications or nutritional supplements. Please note that the statements made on the website have not been evaluated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK. The products offered by The Mellow Patch Company are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


We kindly request that you review The Mellow Patch Company's Privacy Policy for comprehensive details about how we collect and utilise your information. The Mellow Patch Company's Privacy Policy is an integral part of this Agreement and must be agreed upon in its entirety before accessing our website or making any purchases. While it may not always be obligatory to create a user account when using our website, please be aware that we may gather information from you when you choose to make a purchase through our website. Your privacy and data security are of utmost importance to us, and our Privacy Policy outlines our commitment to safeguarding your personal information in accordance with UK and worldwide data protection laws.

Company Site Availability and Modification

Although we will attempt to provide continuous Site availability to you, we do not guarantee that the Site will always be available, work, or be accessible at any particular time.  We reserve the right to alter, modify, update, or remove our Site at any time.  We may conduct such modifications to our Site for security, intellectual property, legal, or various other reasons at our discretion, and we are not required to explain such modifications.  For example, we may provide updates to fix security flaws, or to respond to legal demands.  Please note that this is a non-binding illustration of how we might exercise our rights under this section, and nothing in this section obligates us to take measures to update the Site for security, intellectual property, legal, or other reasons.

Third-Party Links

For our UK and worldwide users of The Mellow Patch Company's website, please note that our site may include links to third-party websites that are not under our ownership or control. We want to emphasise that The Mellow Patch Company has no authority over the content, privacy policies, or practices of these third-party websites. Furthermore, we do not have the capacity to censor or modify the content presented on these external websites. By utilising our website, you explicitly absolve The Mellow Patch Company of any liability associated with your use of these third-party websites. It is essential to exercise caution and review the terms and policies of any external websites you visit, as they operate independently from The Mellow Patch Company and may have different practices and standards. Your interaction with such websites is solely at your own risk.

Your Conduct While Using The Site

For our users in the UK and worldwide, when you access or use The Mellow Patch Company's website, you are solely responsible for your actions, and you must adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • You shall not replicate, distribute, or disclose any part of our website in any form, whether automated or manual, including, but not limited to, any form of data scraping.

  • You shall not attempt to disrupt the integrity or security of our system or decipher any transmissions to or from our website servers.

  • You shall not employ any automated means or external interfaces, such as robots, spiders, crawlers, scrapers, to access our website or extract data from it, unless provided by us.

  • You shall not take any action that, at our sole discretion, may unreasonably or excessively burden our infrastructure.

  • You agree not to utilise our website for the purpose of stalking, harassing, bullying, or causing harm to others.

  • You acknowledge that The Mellow Patch Company cannot be held responsible for your use of the website.

  • You agree not to violate any regulations, procedures, policies, or requirements of networks connected to The Mellow Patch Company.

  • The website may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes.

  • You shall not interfere with or disrupt the operation of our website.

  • You agree not to violate any United Kingdom, United States, or local laws while using our website.

  • You shall not use our website in any manner that is misleading, unlawful, defamatory, obscene, invasive, threatening, or harassing.

If it is discovered that you have engaged in any of the aforementioned actions, The Mellow Patch Company reserves the right, at our discretion, to suspend or terminate your privileges to use our website. In most cases, we will provide an explanation for any suspension or termination of your website access, but please note that we retain the right to suspend or terminate your access at any time without prior notice or explanation.

Intellectual Property

For our users in the UK and worldwide, and specific to The Mellow Patch Company, we want to address the ownership of our intellectual property:

The names "," "The Mellow Patch Company," the design of The Mellow Patch Company website, and all products created by The Mellow Patch Company, including but not limited to text, written content, images, templates, scripts, graphics, interactive features, trademarks, and logos contained on our website ("Marks"), are either owned by The Mellow Patch Company or licensed to us. These Marks are protected by copyright and various other intellectual property rights under UK laws and international treaties. The Mellow Patch Company reserves all rights to these Marks, which are not explicitly granted to users.


User-Generated Content

For our users in the UK and across the globe, and in relevance to The Mellow Patch Company, we'd like to outline how we handle content created by our users on our platform:

Your capacity to submit or transmit any information through The Mellow Patch Company's website, which includes but isn't limited to text, data, photos, images, or any other form of information, is herein referred to as "User-Generated Content" under this Agreement. The ownership of all User-Generated Content you submit to our website remains with you. It's important to note that we are under no obligation to host, display, migrate, or distribute any of your User-Generated Content, and we reserve the right to reject or refrain from transmitting any User-Generated Content.

Upon submitting User-Generated Content, you acknowledge your sole responsibility for it, and you release us from any associated liability. While we employ measures to ensure the security of User-Generated Content, we cannot guarantee its absolute safety. Any User-Generated Content found in violation of this Agreement or deemed detrimental to our website may be subject to editing, modification, or removal at our discretion. The Mellow Patch Company neither endorses nor verifies its users or the User-Generated Content they submit.

Please be aware that some User-Generated Content or other information may be inaccurate, unsupported, or possibly incorrect. When you submit User-Generated Content to our website, you confirm and warrant that you hold all rights to the User-Generated Content or have obtained the necessary permissions to use and submit it.​

By submitting User-Generated Content to us, you grant The Mellow Patch Company, as well as its partners, affiliates, users, representatives, and assigns, a non-exclusive, fully-paid, royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide, universal, transferable, and assignable license. This license permits us to display, publicly perform, distribute, store, broadcast, transmit, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, and otherwise utilise and reuse all or part of your User-Generated Content in any manner we see fit, for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. This license facilitates the transmission of your User-Generated Content to other users through our website. Additionally, while you retain ownership of all User-Generated Content you submit, we retain ownership of all layouts, arrangements, metadata, and images used to present your User-Generated Content on our website.


Orders and Payment

At The Mellow Patch Company, we provide you with the opportunity to acquire our products through our website. When you decide to make a purchase, you'll be asked to input your payment details or use a third-party payment gateway. By proceeding with a purchase, you consent to us charging the full amount specified at the checkout to your chosen payment method, inclusive of taxes and associated fees. It's important to note that your payment information will be shared with our trusted third-party payment processor. When you make a purchase on our website, you also automatically agree to the terms and conditions of our third-party payment processor.

Please rest assured that all payment information you provide will be securely stored and managed by the payment processor, ensuring your data's safety. It's important to clarify that an order contract only comes into effect once we have successfully processed your payment and sent you an order confirmation.


Order Confirmation and Acceptance

At The Mellow Patch Company, we want to ensure that you have a smooth shopping experience. Please understand that all orders are subject to availability. The formation of an order contract occurs only when we have accepted your order and subsequently sent you an order confirmation ("Order Confirmation"). It's important to note that, even after you receive an Order Confirmation, we retain the right to cancel your order without incurring any penalties. This is in line with our commitment to providing the best service and products to our customers.

We want to be transparent in informing you that we reserve the right to decline shipments of products and cancel orders at our discretion and for any reason at any time. We appreciate your patience, as orders require time for processing and preparation before shipping. Please be aware that certain purchases may necessitate additional processing time for the best quality and service. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Returns and Reimbursements

At The Mellow Patch Company, we strive to ensure your satisfaction with every purchase from our website. If, for any reason, you find yourself unsatisfied with a product, we offer a comprehensive refund policy valid for thirty (14) days from the date of your initial purchase.

To request a refund, kindly get in touch with us via email at


Please ensure that the email subject line contains "Refund" for easy identification. In the body of the email, provide your name, contact information, shipping address, and the reason for seeking a refund. It's important to note that we retain the sole right and discretion to determine whether your purchase qualifies for a refund under our policy.

If your purchase is eligible for a refund, we will process it promptly, and the refunded amount will be credited to your registered payment method. Please be aware that it may take up to two billing cycles for the refunded amount to appear on your selected payment method. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Payment Disputes

In cases where we suspect fraudulent payment disputes, we are committed to taking appropriate action within the boundaries of the law. Such actions may involve disclosing your information to relevant law enforcement agencies. It's important to understand that engaging in a fraudulent payment dispute could have serious consequences, potentially leading to civil penalties or legal consequences. We encourage open and honest communication to resolve any concerns or disputes you may have regarding your payments with The Mellow Patch Company.


Credit Card Payment Issues

In the event of a credit card decline occurring after the shipment of our products, you hereby consent to our right to resubmit the charge. We may do so in a single additional charge or in multiple instalments until the outstanding amount is fully settled. This is to ensure the completion of your payment for the products received from The Mellow Patch Company.


Shipping Information

During the checkout process, you will have the option to choose from various shipping methods available. Shipping options and associated prices will be displayed at the time of checkout and may vary depending on your location. Please note that standard shipping times will apply, and while we strive to provide accurate estimates, we cannot guarantee specific delivery times as we rely on third-party carriers.

For certain shipments, you may receive a tracking number that allows you to monitor the status of your package; however, not all shipments will include this feature. Before we can dispatch your order, The Mellow Patch Company must carefully prepare your product and conduct quality control checks.

Upon receiving your shipment, we recommend inspecting it promptly. If you encounter any issues with your order, please contact our customer support team immediately for assistance. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Transfer of Ownership and Risk


Ownership and the risk associated with items purchased through the Site are transferred based on a shipment contract. This implies that the responsibility and ownership of the items are transferred to you and the chosen carrier as soon as the item is handed over to the third-party shipping carrier.


Tax Responsibilities

Depending on the regulations of your region, you may be subject to taxation on your payments or purchases. If we are not responsible for collecting the necessary taxes, you acknowledge that you remain liable for any applicable taxes, which may include customs fees and import duties, among others. Even if we do not collect taxes directly, you commit to fulfilling your tax obligations to the relevant tax authorities in your jurisdiction.



Mellow Patch Company may introduce monthly subscription options for certain products available on our Site. When opting for a subscription, your payment details will be securely stored for your convenience. Following any trial period (if applicable), if you have enrolled in a subscription with automatic billing, we will charge you on a recurring basis unless you inform us of your desire to cancel through your account dashboard or by contacting us. Furthermore, you authorise us to regularly bill you and agree that your chosen subscription will automatically renew for additional periods of the same duration as your initial subscription (excluding trials) until we receive notice of cancellation. You acknowledge that no additional consent is necessary for us to automatically charge your selected payment method and maintain the subscription's recurring nature. If you wish to cancel, you can do so by notifying us at or by accessing your subscription details in your account and initiating the cancellation process.

Termination of Your Subscription

You have the option to terminate your subscription at any point by accessing your account settings or reaching out to us at Please note that if you decide to cancel your subscription before the current subscription period concludes, it will remain active until the end of the prepaid period.

Product Issues, Availability, and Pricing

While we strive to maintain accurate product information and pricing on our Site, occasional errors such as incorrect pricing, labelling, or product availability may occur. We make every effort to rectify such errors but cannot ensure constant accuracy in our product listings. While we aim to keep all products in stock, there may be occasions when certain products, sizes, or colours are temporarily unavailable.

Our Site features regularly updated pricing; however, due to the dynamic nature of pricing for various products, we cannot guarantee that the displayed price is always accurate. If a pricing error occurs, we reserve the right to either cancel your order or inform you of the corrected price. Your consent to the updated pricing is required before we proceed with fulfilling your order.

Pre Orders

By using our services and placing pre-orders for our products, you agree to comply with our Pre-Order Policy. Please carefully review our Pre-Order Policy, which can be found on our website at, for detailed information regarding the terms and conditions governing pre-orders. Your use of our services and participation in pre-orders signifies your acceptance of the terms outlined in the Pre-Order Policy. If you have any questions or concerns about pre-orders or our policies, please contact our customer support team at for assistance.


Product Images and Sizing Information

Kindly note that the product images displayed on our website are intended for representational purposes. While we make every reasonable effort to ensure our products closely resemble the images presented, variations may occur, and the final product you receive might exhibit slight differences in colour, size, appearance, finish, or style. Furthermore, it's important to understand that all provided sizing and measurements are approximate rather than exact. We encourage you to refer to our size guides and detailed product descriptions for more precise information about our offerings. Your satisfaction with our products is important to us, and we are here to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding product details.


Limitation of Liability; Representations and Warranties

Your use of this site, including any services provided, the content, and all products and items offered, is at your own exclusive risk, and any risk of injury arising from the above rests solely with you.

Except for any warranties explicitly provided within this agreement, the site, any services offered, and all products sold on the site are provided on an "as-is" and "with all faults" basis, without any warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. These include, but are not limited to, warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Patch does not guarantee that the site, any services offered, or any products or items sold will be: (1) uninterrupted or error-free; (2) free from defects or errors; (3) free from viruses or other harmful components; or (4) accurate, fully functional, or reliable.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, we (including our officers, directors, agents, affiliates, and employees) shall not be held liable, and you agree not to hold us responsible, for any damages or losses (including, but not limited to, monetary loss, harm to goodwill or reputation, or other intangible losses, as well as any special, indirect, or consequential damages) directly or indirectly resulting from your use of the site, our services, and our products. 

This applies regardless of whether the claim is based on warranty, contract, tort (including negligence), or any other legal theory, and whether or not Patch has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In some jurisdictions, the exclusion of warranties or limitation of liability may not be allowed, so these disclaimers and exclusions may not apply to you. If your jurisdiction does not permit us to exclude all liability, you agree that our total liability to you will not exceed the total amount you have spent on your purchases via the site or one hundred British Pounds (£100 GBP), whichever is greater. Specifically, in jurisdictions where it is not permitted, we do not disclaim liability for: (a) death or personal injury resulting from Patch's negligence or that of any of its officers, directors, agents, affiliates, or employees; (b) fraudulent misrepresentation; or (c) any liability that cannot be lawfully excluded, either presently or in the future. 


If you are a resident of a jurisdiction that mandates a specific statement regarding release, then the following terms apply. For example, residents of the United Kingdom must, as a condition of this agreement, waive any similar provisions in the law, regulation, or code that have the same intent or effect as the following:

By accepting this agreement, you waive any claims under applicable laws, regulations, or codes, which, if known, might have materially affected your decision to enter into this agreement. You hereby release us from any liability arising from Patch content, our services, and products sold. Additionally, you release us, along with our officers, directors, agents, affiliates, and employees, from any known or unknown claims and damages connected with any claim you have against us.


You hereby agree to protect, indemnify, and absolve Patch, its officers, directors, agents, affiliates, and employees from any and all claims, damages, responsibilities, losses, liabilities, debts, and expenses (including, but not limited to, legal fees) arising from:

  • Your utilisation of any Mellow Patch Company products and services;

  • Your infringement of any stipulation in this Agreement; and

  • Your utilisation of the Mellow Patch Company website.

This commitment to defend and indemnify will remain in effect even after the termination or expiry of this Agreement. Moreover, you accept the responsibility to safeguard us against such claims, and we may demand that you cover the costs of an attorney(s) of our choosing in such situations. You also agree that this indemnification encompasses the reimbursement of our reasonable attorney fees, court expenses, and other outlays. In the event of a claim resembling the one outlined in this section, we may decide to reach a settlement with the involved party or parties, and you will be held accountable for the damages as if we had proceeded to trial.

Copyright Infringement

We treat copyright infringement with the utmost seriousness and adhere to the relevant copyright laws and regulations. If you are a copyright holder residing in the UK or possess copyrighted material within the UK and believe that your copyright has been violated, please contact us with the following information:

  • Your full name.

  • The name of the copyright owner, if different from your own.

  • A detailed description of the copyrighted work that has been infringed.

  • The specific location on our website where the infringing content is located.

  • A statement expressing your good faith belief that the use of the copyrighted material, as described above, has not been authorised by the copyright owner or by any third party legally entitled to do so on behalf of the copyright owner, and is not otherwise permitted by law.

  • A statement, made under penalty of perjury, verifying the accuracy of the information provided in the notification and confirming that you are the copyright owner or possess the legal right to initiate infringement proceedings.

Please sign this notification and send it to our Copyright Agent at the following address: Mellow Patch Company, Ysgubor Am Trostra, Glascoed, NP4 0TX or via email at All counter-notifications should be sent using the same method.


Applicable Law

This Agreement shall be subject to and governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. Any acceptance of this contract is considered to have taken place within the United Kingdom.


Dispute Resolution 

By using this Site, you agree that:

  • Any claim, dispute, or controversy arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or any products purchased shall be subject to resolution through arbitration under the rules and procedures of an internationally recognised arbitration institution, such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

  • The claim or dispute must be initiated within one (1) year from the date of the event giving rise to the action, and the arbitration shall take place in London, UK, or any other mutually agreed-upon location.

  • The arbitrator shall apply the laws of England and Wales, along with any applicable international laws, and shall respect any legally recognised privileges.

  • All claims shall be arbitrated on an individual basis only, and there shall be no authority for any claims to be arbitrated on a class or representative basis. The arbitrator may not consolidate or join the claims of other individuals or parties in a similar situation.

  • Each party shall be responsible for their own representation and arbitration-related costs.

  • To the extent permitted by the arbitration institution's rules and procedures, both parties may participate in arbitration proceedings electronically or telephonically.

  • If any part of this arbitration provision is deemed invalid, unenforceable, or conflicts with the rules and procedures of the chosen arbitration institution, the remainder of this provision shall remain in effect and be interpreted in accordance with its terms as if the invalid or unenforceable provision were not included.

In the event that subpart (4) above is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the entire arbitration provision shall be null and void, and neither you nor Mellow Patch Company shall be obligated to arbitrate the dispute. For additional information regarding arbitration rules and procedures, users may refer to the website of the chosen arbitration institution.


Opting Out of Dispute Resolution

You have the option to decline participation in the dispute resolution provision by notifying Mellow Patch Company within 30 days of the date when you accepted this Agreement or made a subscription purchase, whichever occurred first. To exercise this option, please send a written request to Mellow Patch Company at Ysgubor Am Trostra, Glascoed, NP4 0TX, United Kingdom, marked as "Dispute Resolution Opt-Out." Include your name, address, account details, and a clear statement expressing your desire not to resolve disputes with Mellow Patch Company through arbitration. If you choose to opt out of arbitration, any disputes will be adjudicated in a competent court located within the jurisdiction of your residence or within the United Kingdom.


No Class Action

Both you and Mellow Patch Company consent that any efforts to settle or litigate disputes, whether through a court of law or arbitration, shall exclusively pertain to individual cases. You confirm that you will not endeavour to pursue any dispute as a class action, representative action, collective action, or private attorney general action.



Force Majeure

You acknowledge that we are not liable to you for any obligations we may have under different circumstances, which are beyond our control. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, acts of nature, warfare, civil unrest, terrorism, criminal activities, labor shortages (including legal and illegal strikes), embargoes, disruptions in postal services or communications, infrastructure failures, material shortages, pandemics, or any other uncontrollable events.



If any part of this Agreement is deemed unlawful, in conflict with another provision, or unenforceable, the Agreement will continue as if that unenforceable provision had not been included.

In case of conflicting provisions within this Agreement or any other agreement you have with Mellow Patch Company, Mellow Patch Company holds the exclusive right to choose which provision remains effective.



We retain all rights granted to us by this Agreement and any applicable laws. Our failure to enforce any specific provision or provisions of this Agreement or any relevant law should not be interpreted as a waiver of our right to enforce that same provision in similar or different circumstances at any future time.



Certain provisions of this Agreement, based on their inherent nature, shall remain in effect even after the termination of this Agreement. These provisions include but are not limited to ownership rights, warranty disclaimers, dispute resolution, indemnity obligations, payment terms, release clauses, and limitations of liability. Please note that we retain the discretion to terminate your access to our Site at any time and for any cause without being obligated to provide ongoing access.


Termination of Agreement

You have the option to conclude this Agreement by sending us a notice at Similarly, we reserve the right to terminate your access to the Site if we find that: (1) you have violated any applicable laws in your use of our Site; (2) you have contravened this Agreement or any other of our Site policies; or (3) we believe that any of your actions may have a detrimental impact on The Mellow Patch Site or our business interests, solely at our discretion. In case of termination, we will make efforts to furnish you with a timely explanation, though it is not obligatory for us to do so.


Age Requirement 

To make a purchase from the Site, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old or meet the minimum age requirement in your jurisdiction.


Assignment of Rights and Responsibilities 

You are not permitted to transfer your rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to any third party without obtaining our prior written consent. However, we reserve the right to assign our rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to another party at our discretion.


Updates to the Agreement

Periodically, we may make revisions to this Agreement. These changes will be reflected on this page, along with the date of the last modification. Alternatively, we may also communicate these updates to you via email. If you choose not to accept these amendments, you are free to discontinue your use of our Site.


Electronic Communications

In the course of your interaction with Patch, communications will primarily be conducted electronically. This includes your visits to the Site, emails you send to Patch, notices posted on the Site, or communications Patch sends to you via email. For matters related to this Agreement, you: (1) acknowledge your consent to receive communications from Patch electronically; and (2) agree that all terms, conditions, agreements, notices, disclosures, and other forms of communication provided by Patch electronically meet the legal requirements that would apply if such communications were in writing. Please note that your statutory rights remain unaffected by this provision.